Music x Media

From 1994 to the present he has worked as a critic of music, comics, cinema, books and TV series in different outlets (Avui, Fantastic Magazine, Nosferatu, Benzina, Fotogramas, Rockdelux, Ara, iCat FM…)

He has also been a lecturer in the Audiovisual Communication department at the UAB Faculty of Communication Sciences from 1995 to 2006 and director of the Postgraduate Diploma in television script of entertainment and comedy at IDEC-UPF. Also linked to the television medium since 1999, he joined as a screenwriter and director on shows like ”Sputnik”, “Cachitos de hierro y cromo”, “Territories”, “Fast-fut” Forum of Cultures TV and head of the R&D and new formats creation area in the production company El Terrat. On the other hand, he has been part of the programming team of the In-edit Festival from 2003 to 2017. In 2012, together with Juanjo Sáez, he created the cartoon production company Producciones Jevis Sl, although he detach in 2014, when he started to coordinate the editorial content of the audiovisual production company and agency O and directed On screen, the conference on image and music relations at PrimaveraPro of the Primavera sound festival. From 2017 to present time, Joan Pons is the Director of Communication of Primavera Sound festival.

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