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Flemming Nordkrog is one of Denmark’s most prominent film composers. He has worked on more than 25 feature films and numerous TV-series, documentaries and shorts in Denmark, France, Belgium, Germany, Sweden, Brazil and the US. Those include Kaspar Munk’s Wildwitch and Nikolaj Arcel’s King’s Game as well as the acclaimed TV-series “Follow the Money,” produced by DR Fiktion and “Chefs ,” created for France 2 by Arnaud Malherbe and Marion Festraëts, as well as their audacious “Moloch” for Arte in 2020.

In France, he has composed the scores of all of Philippe Lioret’s films since 2010 and worked with Erik Zonka on “Le Soldat Blanc” and Matthieu Vadepied on “La Vie en Grand,” as well as Manele Labidi on her award-winning “Un Divan à Tunis.”

Recent works includes scores for Steffi Niederzoll’s multi award winning documentary “Seven Winters in Tehran” as well as the HBO series “Kamikaze”, French films “Ogre”, by Arnaud Malherbe, “Sixteen” by Philippe Lioret and “L’etabli”, by Mathias Gokalp.
Flemming received the Carl Prisen award for Max Kestner´s documentary-musical “Little Galaxies” in 2022.

In 2021 he earned the HARPA Nordic Film Composers Award as well as the Carl Prisen award for the music to the Brazilian film “Shine Your Eyes” by Matias Mariani.

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