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On Friday’s Industry Awards gala, the legendary music industry lawyer and also a half Finn, Paul Spraggon will be honored the Tampere Music Award 2023. He has made a remarkable career in the heart of London music scene, working with legendary artists and bands like Adele, Dua Lipa, The Prodigy and The Clash. Spraggon has also helped the careers of many Finns, such as Lxandra and Joalin.
Paul Spraggon believes that people and music matter. When working with his clients, he aspires to take the long view on reasonable terms, in order to give them support when they need it. Often that means those early years, when the artists most need the opportunity to find their way forward. The business is always a challenge and helping the talent fulfill their potential is still Spraggon’s greatest driver.

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pe, 06.10.
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