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The Danish audiovisual industry was in great turmoil in 2022. Productions were on hold, and creative workers were without income. The situation was caused by the demanding negotiations between streamers and local rightsholders. Danish authors and performers were striving for fair remuneration for the exploitation of their work. The situation was severe, and peers’ worries grew towards the end. Luckily, the counterparties agreed upon several deals, ending the lock-outs, and the triumph of Danish audiovisual content may continue.

Rasmus Kloster Bro was behind the scenes facing counterparties like Netflix, bargaining for a more balanced value chain and securing solid copyright income for his peers. In this keynote, he will share his journey in these negotiations. How to increase appreciation of creative workers’ input and deliver fair and proportionate remunerations? What to consider before challenging the global streamer’s playbook?

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