Music x Media

Music has and is being consumed globally like never before. But music is also being created globally by artists cooperating across borders like never before. So if the money is ”out there somewhere” then how do I make sure I get my share?

This fireside chat will look at the differences in collection methods in the US compared to the EU and what creators/artists can or should do to make sure they get their fair share. What does fractional ownership to me? Who collects what where? What is The MLC? What is CRB III and CRB IV? What role does ISNI, IPI, ISRC and ISWC play for my royalties?

Since his narrow escape from the claws of the legal profession in 2005, Hans Peter Roth has been a key player in the content and online music industry, first in Europe and now also the United States where his company, Muserk, just made the Inc 5000 list for the third year in a row.

Hans Peter Roth will be interviewed by Jani Jalonen, CEO of Music x Media.

Also, both Music x Media and Hans Peter Roth hope that the audience is up for questions and dialogue to make the session as interactive as possible.

Jaa somessa

to, 05.10.
Jani Jalonen
Bisnes Creator International Music Industry