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We are facing crisis upon crisis. Instead of letting the future unfold, organizations can proactively create the new future. Creativity is a crucial power which organizations hold within to challenge existing assumptions with new thinking.Chilean influencer, Hernan Rojas started his career in the 70’s co-producing bands like Fleetwood  Mac, Supertramp, Santana and Zappa and continued to various management positions from K-TEL Records, BMG Records and MTV-Latin America to Vice-Dean.After decades in the musical scene, he became fascinated about the power of music. He developed a creative cross-industry innovation method, which has been used in large companies Latin America (+40) like Coca-Cola, Puma, Lego, Deloitte and in 30 public schools in Chile including 40 000 children.The goal of the POW! Power of Art in Transforming Business is to create a digital ecosystem where industry, culture and public actors meet. Rojas acts as a creative leader of the project.Rojas has also co-written a book: Get Tusked: The Inside Story of  Fleetwood Mac’s Most Anticipated Album.The key-note is followed by a discussion with Finnish influencers.

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