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When it comes to (generative) AI it seems like there are two camps at the moment: one that is excited about rapidly exploring the potential of GenAI and one that is concerned that this comes at the cost of human musicians. For this panel we want to highlight this bipartisanship and not in a scenario where it’s one vs the other but in a way that strives to find a solution to the main question: How can laws and regulations be amended in such a way that protect rightholders from having their music used without consent and compensation during this new age of AI while giving room for the development of GenAI technologies to prosper?

Critical mistakes were made during the initial digital revolution and those mistakes still resonate within our music industry ecosystem. What have we learned and how can we prevent making fundamental mistakes during this next digital revolution? As Christina Montgomery said before the U.S. Senate Judiciary Committee: “The era of AI cannot be another era of move fast and break things”.

Jaa somessa

to, 05.10.
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