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The myth of the solitary artist is history. Value creation happens in active networks that cross industries and nations. The future growth of creative industries is in the utilization of immaterial property (IP). But how is IP generated and why is understanding the industry ecosystem so important in generating IP?

Film Tampere presents an overview of the opportunities of IP creation from an ecosystem perspective based on the surveys conducted during 2023 in Tampere region. To concrete Tampere’s success in the audiovisual industry, Ilkka Hynninen, an audiovisual executive and Creative Director of Tampere-based Ilkka’s Creative Studios, will showcase the development of Nordic Police Forces, a Nordic noir parody series, which is in co-development with the legendary American comedy writers of The Naked Gun and Airplane!, David Zucker and Pat Proft

Ilkka Hynninen is a Finnish entrepreneur and an audiovisual executive who loves impact driven stories and purpose-driven business. Ilkka is a founder of Aito Media, one of the biggest Finnish production companies, which he ran for 20 years as a CEO. So far, Ilkka has produced more than 1700 hours of programs with global talents. Today, Ilkka focuses on international dramas and documentaries through ICS Nordic, which he co-founded in the fall of 2022. Ilkka’s first book Toteuta Ideasi (How To Put Your Ideas Into Action?) is published in August 2023.

Film Tampere’s introduction speech will be given by Fanny Heinonen. Fanny is a film & TV producer by education and nowdays running Film Tampere alongside of its director Antti Toiviainen. Fanny has specialized in skill development in the creative industries and has a diverse professional background as an entrepreneur in film, TV, fashion and media. Film Tampere is an economic development program and a film commission committed to develop the local audiovisual economy, promote the region as a filming location and connect creative professionals with local production services.


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