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Given unique access to Tim Bergling’s personal notes, award-winning journalist and author of ”Tim: The Official Biography of Avicii”, Måns Mosesson lets us walk right beside Avicii, through exceptional success and exhilarating recording sessions. Mosesson’s book is also a call to creatives to start reflecting more on the working conditions of the music industry – all of which are topics that Måns Mosesson will expand on at the keynote.

Mosesson has a background as documentary producer for the national Swedish Radio and is currently a feature reporter at the prominent daily newspaper Dagens Nyheter. Among his accolades are first prize at Prix Italia and The Swedish Grand Prize for Journalism.

His book about Avicii was recently awarded the Dare to Share Award, for best reporting on suicide. The book tells the story of Tim Bergling, known to the world as Avicii, a musical visionary who became a super star right when Nordic house music took over the world. However, Bergling was also an introverted and sensitive young man, forced to grow up in an industry that can be both frantic and brutal. Two years after the producer quit touring, he took his own life.

Mosesson will be interviewed by Johanna Alem, Head of Island Records & Head of Promotion, Universal Music Norway.

Session followed by Q&A.

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