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We are excited to release the first line-up of speakers, discussion themes, and collaborations for this year’s edition of Music x Media, the premier creative business conference, that offers an array of business talks, roundtable discussions, networking, capacity building, fresh ideas, and obviously music.

This year we want to deepen our role bridging the worlds of Music, Entertainment, and Event Industries. We are the most important event in Finland crafting a groundbreaking platform and community for creative professionals and companies, fostering cross-sector collaboration and innovation.

Music x Media business conference will have a main theme for all individual days, and this year we are focusing on international presence and inspiring thought leaders sharing their latest knowledge and views of music and entertainment industries.

Spanning three days, Music x Media, marking its 35th iteration, will take place in Tampere, Finland, from October 2nd to 4th, 2024.


This year’s edition will be around three main themes: collaboration, business and future


Wednesday, 2nd October: Music x Collaboration

New business opportunities for music and creative industries via increased collaboration.

Focus on cooperation between Music, Gaming, AV, and Brands.


Thursday, 3rd October: Music x Business

The needle-moving topics from music and live music business.


Friday, 4th October: Music x Future

Sustainable music business: values, leadership, social, economic, environmental, inclusion.

Technology and future business models for music and creative business.


As always, we are going to have an inspiring set of speakers coming to Music x Media.


Shain Shapiro: How we can reimagine our cities and places through music?

Author, Founder, Thought Leader & Senior Executive: Sound Diplomacy, London

Shain is a globally recognized thought leader at the convergence of music, culture, and urban policy. This is showcased in his debut book, ”This Must Be The Place: How Music Can Make Your City Better,” due out on Repeater Books (distributed in the United States by Random House) on September 12, 2023. Shain has defined a new way to think about the value of music in cities and places and through it, influenced over 130 cities and places to invest in music and culture as founder and executive chairman of Sound Diplomacy and founder and executive director of the not-for-profit global Center for Music Ecosystems. He has authored authoritative reports on the role of music in cities, tourism, the night time economy, real estate, and recovery, including the most extensive guide to music and the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) ever written, in partnership with the United Nations.


Hanna Kahlert: The future music business: how to build a sustainable career?

Analyst, Midia Research, UK

An analyst at MIDiA Research, Hanna’s research focuses on the cross-sections of digital entertainment with an eye to the underpinning consumer cultural and market trends which will inform the future of the industry.


Marcin Poprawski (PhD): Music Festivals and Sustainability Values

Humak UAS

Marcin works at the Humak University of Applied Sciences in Helsinki (School of Arts and Cultural Management). His interests include performing arts organizations, ethical dimensions of managing cultural enterprises, cultural policy, audience engagement, festivals as organizations, urban cultural ecosystems, and creative sectors. Marcin is coming to Music X Media to delve into the key themes of his latest work, “Festivals and Values. Music, Community Engagement and Organizational Symbolism” (Springer Nature, 2023) discussing sustainability in festival production, value-based solutions, holistic responsibility in event management, and the value chains of experience economies. The talk will also touch upon the crucial collaboration between cities and events and the role of audience engagement.


We are also proud to announce the strategic partnership between Humak/Creve and Music x Media.

Creve’s creative business event Creative Business Days will take place this year as part of Music x Media on October 2nd-4th. Through cooperation, the aim is to bring our target groups together and new types of event content. Through cooperation, Creative Business Days brings speeches to the Music x Media stage and functional content to the event area, e.g., for building partnerships, promoting a common development idea, and defining the next steps. Expertise is shared among the participants in theme discussions, and new openings can be seen in demos.


Another highly interesting future business opportunity for the creative industry is the year 2026 when the City of Oulu is the European Capital of Culture.

Oulu has been preparing for the upcoming European Capital of Culture year since 2017. The year offers an international spotlight for all of Finland. At Music x Media, you can hear what the preparations for the amazing year of culture look like now and what unique opportunities it offers to the players in the music and event industry.


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Please stay tuned for further releases of speakers, topics, and event details throughout the spring and upcoming summer.

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