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Walk of Fame

The Walk of Fame pays tribute to music, artists and music professionals. Like its Hollywood-counterpart, Finland’s very own Walk of Fame consists of a line of stars paved on the streets of Tampere. The first stars were revealed in 2019, after which the street has grown its number of stars year by year.

The Walk of Fame celebrates and honors both Finnish and international names in the music industry. All names carved on the stars are chosen by a public vote. The winners of Tampere Music Awards, selected as part of Music x Media’s Industry Awards, are featured in the stars as well. The selections are made with the diversity of the winners as one of the main criteria.

By including the music heritage and stories in the urban street scene, Tampere brings more depth into the everyday passageway of locals and tourists alike.

Included in the Walk of Fame:

Vesa-Matti Loiri
Antti Tuisku
Santtu-Matias Rouvali
Maija Vilkkumaa
Anna-Mari Kähärä

Conductor, composer and violinist Jaakko Kuusisto
Rock band Hanoi Rocks
Blues guitarist, singer-songwriter Erja Lyytinen
Musician Heikki Salo
Singer Marion Rung

Musician Mikko Alatalo
Rock band Yö
Modern folk band Värttinä
Singer Kaija Koo
Conductor and composer Esa-Pekka Salonen

Music influencer Tapio Korjus
Rock band Eppu Normaali
Metal band Nightwish
Soprano Karita Mattila
Musician Ismo Alanko
Singer Paula Koivuniemi


Rap artist Cheek
Musician Juice Leskinen
Rock band Popeda
Singer Katri Helena
Composer Jean Sibelius
Composer Kaija Saariaho
Music entrepreneur Epe Helenius
Pioneer in the Nordic music export, Anna Hildur
Estonian culture influencer Rein Lang
Swedish music publisher Pelle Lidell
Finnish music promoter in Japan, Onta Shiroh Kawaguchi
Finnish metal music ambassador Holger Tiefenbach (2015)
Founder of Tallinn Music Week Helen Sildna
Indie music ambassador Jonas Sjöström
Music photographer and journalist Jan Sneum (2012)