Sanna Keskinen

Editor-in-Chief, Kaleva Media

Having worked in journalism and communications for 20 years, Sanna Keskinen is now the editor-in-chief at Kaleva for her second year. Previously, Keskinen has been the editor-in-chief at Kainuun Sanomat, a local newspaper Raahen Seutu and the city of Raahe official newspaper Raahelainen. She also has experience from the municipality sector as the Head of communications of the city of Oulu. Culture has always been important for Keskinen, both as a consumer and as a hobbyist. For Keskinen, culture is a broad term encompassing a variety of human interaction. Through a great song, amazing book or interesting painting, she experiences something that resembles the emotions and the thrill evoked by nature. From the many fields of arts, Keskinen dedicates most time to literature. For a former Literature major, being part of the Finlandia Prize jury is a dream come true.

Photo: Pekka Peura

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