The event


Tomorrow we open the 33rd Music x Media event. Four days of content; 90 contents and over 200 speakers, new partners, and collaborations, never seen before number of registered attendees. Small, but efficient Music x Media production team has worked enormous amounts for the past few weeks. Everything is still not ready. Which is great! We build the future of Music x Media with constant learning, reacting to the changes within our operational environment and its phenomena, but also by dialogue with old and new stakeholders.

I’m very keen on the method “strategy as practice.” For renewing Music x Media, it means “more is more”-thinking; let’s bring together interesting organizations and professionals from different branches, choose diverse themes that seem to get people talking, combine all this, throw around a lot the word “solution driven” and believe, that creative branches have enormous amounts of unused potential that we have to work for together. To everything this strategy doesn’t work, but I believe that in this world situation it is the correct one.

This year’s Music x Media will be the trailblazer for what we want to be in the future. We produce and observe, follow the present and global, futuristic scenarios. You tell us how we did and what do you want – what kind of professional event do you need. It will be a mess of visions and crossing expectations, we might lose our hopes from time to time, but by working together, we will eventually find the right way. There will always be that someone, who laughs at your megalomaniac ideas and someone, who doesn’t want anything to change. You learn from that, too.

Past years have shown us that flexibility, agility, seizing the moment, new collaboration models, learning from other branches, and “sure, why not” -attitude help us to adapt to the world in turmoil. In Music x Media, we talk about safe and fair live branch, the union of voice and picture, licensing, bringing together game world and music, employer vista, wellbeing, the incompleteness of human beings, the ethicality of contracts, the future of show business, artists as social media content creators, the possibilities and pitfalls of TikTok, cultural criticisms, companionships, galas, corruption, giving feedback and about culture as a part of information affection. We share dreams and worries, we create equal music branch, learn how to deal with conflicts and to maximize visibility in Spotify, get concrete tips for building a CV and managing remote work. Hopefully we get to have fun, gain some new energy and enthusiasm, and meet people.

“Well, have you already exploded the gala”, a friend of mine asked the other day. I still haven’t exploded anything, even though I have thought about it several times. I think I cannot succeed alone, and if one desperately tries to fix everything by themselves, they usually end up to even worse result. Authentic renewal happens analytically, examining the topic wholly and strategically, but foremostly in dialogue with you. Be in contact, call, message or DM me, tap me on the shoulder and let’s think together how we can make Music x Media and Industry Awards-gala an event that benefits all of us: an event, that’s real values are fairness, transparency, endurance, and the growth and development resulting from those values.

I want to thank all new and old collaborators, partners, speakers, and all of you, who will be attend our event. I want to thank all of you who have sparred, given ideas, given correcting feedback, helped, supported, and believed in this event.

Let’s have fun! You’re all warmly welcomed to Music x Media.

With love, Kaisa

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