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The implementation of the EU Copyright Directives was the opportunity to improve authors and performers’ position in the audiovisual industry. Some Member States have created distinctive mechanisms to secure fair and proportionate remunerations for authors and performers. Cécile Despringre will walk us through the current European audiovisual copyright landscape and give examples of value chain balancing for audiovisual authors.

Countries like Spain, Italy, The Netherlands and Slovenia have been regulating mandatory collective management of audiovisual authors’ remunerations for the exploitation of their works. In these countries, the right to fair remuneration is inalienable and nonwaivable by law. Authors’ CMOs negotiate those remunerations with broadcasters, distribution operators and on-demand platforms for their large repertoire. CMOs leverage authors’ negotiation power against global corporations. Fair copyright income to authors and performers is an efficient way of retaining talents in Europe and securing quality and growth for the national audiovisual industry. Without the well-being of creators, there are no stories to exploit.

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Sat, 07.10.
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