Music x Media strengthens future visions and connections between the creative fields

Music x Media strengthens future visions and connections between the creative fields

New speakers and activities have been added to Music x Media’s four-day program. The cross-sectoral seminar presents a lineup of experts who will give outspoken, hands-on talks about their success in the experience economy, while addressing any possible challenges that come with a passionate work mindset.

The seminar gives a platform for dialogue between different actors in the creative industry: timely viewpoints are offered on film and television, the platform economy as well as cultural journalism. The founder of the global Hacate Entertainment Group, Sarah-Chanderia (US), introduces case studies on the clearing processes in the audiovisual field, the Executive Director of Music Managers Forum Jake Beaumont-Nesbitt (UK) and the virtual marketplace Decentraland’s producer Iara Dias (BR) lead a workshop on how to utilize web3 in artist development, a Venla-winning screenwriter Anna Brotkin sheds light on the music selections made for the Aikuiset tv show, while an entrepreneur and arbitrator Kristiina Komulainen considers ways of dealing with conflict in the music business and the creative ecosystem at large.

Much of Music x Media’s content will be created together with influential partners from the creative fields. The Executive Producer and the head of the song and artist selections at the Contest for New Music (UMK) will explain how the National Broadcasting Company YLE’s annual pre-eliminations for the Eurovision Song Contest became both a national and global hit, the Finnish Sponsorship and Events Association guides through partnerships and sponsor deals in the audiovisual field, and members of international festival organizations contribute on the discussion on the festival work’s structural changes amid the ecological crisis.

Furthermore, this year’s program comes with a few targeted slots for the freelancers and leaders working in the experience economy. Part of Wednesday’s program focuses on freelancer-driven topics, meanwhile some activities on Saturday are dedicated to the critical points in creative and cultural leadership. Attendees get to update their professional skills, initiate meaningful contacts and share valuable insights with colleagues. At the same time, bridges are built between different creative fields and concrete methods are learnt to collide their respective stakeholders.

The full program will be revealed during the summer. Updates can be found at Program


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