Music x Media invites creative industries for talks and meaningful encounters

Music x Media invites creative industries for talks and meaningful encounters

“The creative field is such a wide concept but with fitting perspectives and right speakers, we ambitiously aim to build authentic cross-sectoral collaborations as well as business growth and societal recognition for the industry.”

Kaisa Rönkkö
Music x Media’s head of the board and Music Finland’s executive director

Music x Media returns to Tampere between 28.9.–1.10.2022. This year’s edition has an emphasis on facilitating discussion with an increased focus on sustainable growth and internationalisation in the creative industries. The cross-sectoral program is designed to tackle themes relevant for not only the music industry, but for the creative field at large. The scope includes the film and TV industries, gaming industry, marketing and other audiovisual fields as well as their shared areas of development.

Music x Media takes a two-fold approach on the growth and collaboration in the creative industries: firstly, we share professional knowledge on the trends and drivers of change in the creative field, and secondly, open a dialogue about the possibilities in cooperation and income-earning within the creative ecosystem. The event is produced together with the city of Tampere and it is one of the leading initiatives in reinventing the city’s entertainment industry.
In addition to the seminar program held at Tampere Hall, local venues will host emerging artists as the Lost in Music showcase festival sweeps the town once again on 28.9.-1.10.2022. The awaited Industry Awards gala will be part of the festivities, too. A professional seminar The Light & Shadow – Powered by Music x Media for light and visual design, hosted by Mikki Kunttu, will also take place on September 28. Music x Media ticket holders will get a discounted admission for the event. Additional information on Light & Shadow – Powered by Music x Media can be found here.

With top-notch Finnish professionals and international experts to be added in the lineup, Music x Media announces its full program in May-June.

Music x Media in Tampere 28.9.-1.10.2022. Get your updates and tickets here

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