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Music x Media's special prized tickets are now available!

Buy tickets to Music x Media 2024 seminars!
You can buy the ticket for 1 or multiple dates. When buying a ticket, it is not yet necessary to know which day the seminar ticket will be used and who will eventually use it.

Special prized tickets are available in limited amount, so be fast!

Tickets for the Industry Awards gala will go on sale in spring 2024.

Tickets must be registered separately. Ticket holders will be informed by email once the registration is open. This ticket is not valid for the event as it is!

Please fill in contact information carefully for each ticket.

Early rate:
1 day seminar pass
(open day)

150€ + VAT 10%

Seminars +
Lost In Music 

Early rate:
2 day seminar pass
(open days)

255€ + VAT 10%

Seminars +
Lost In Music

Early rate:
3 days seminar pass
(all days)

332€ + VAT 10%

Seminars +
Lost In Music 


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