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Industry Awards Gala

The annual Industry Awards Gala crowns the Music x Media event. The gala will be held on Friday, September 30, 2022.

The awards gala celebrates last year’s successes and honors the distinguished achievements in the field of music. The Industry Award is an esteemed thank you from our own community, the Finnish music professionals.

The gala has traditionally awarded the journalist, the record label, the organization and the festival of the year, among others. The Lifetime Achievement Award and Tampere Music Award are also awarded annually as special recognitions..

Industry Awards Gala was celebrated 8 October 2021

The sold out Industry Awards Gala of 2021 was celebrated Fri 8 October 2021. The Gala summed up the past year and praised those to whom the praise belongs: music industry professionals and parties who have during the past year worked hard and succeeded.

 Proposals for suitable nominees were collected during the summer through an open survey, and the final nominations were given based on the survey answers as well as the opinions of Music & Media jury. This year the jury consisted of the board of Music & Media and invited organization representatives Jenna Lahtinen (LiveFIN ry), Tommi Kyyrä (Musiikkituottajat – Ifpi Finland ry), Jari Muikku (Musiikkikustantajat ry) and Katja Vauhkonen (Indieco ry).

Photos: Miikka Varila

Industry Awards 2021 winners:

Journalist of the year: Maria Veitola / Musa vai bisnes

Music or Program manager of the year: Tapio Hakanen / YleX

Radio of the year: Radio Helsinki

Music media of the year: YleX

PR or Marketing person of the year: record label: Stella Kylä-Liuhala / Universal Music

PR or Marketing person of the year: live: Annakaisa Anttila / Kesärauha

Cornerstone of the year: Susse Salonen / Freelancer

Future Visionary: Sanni Kahilainen / Muusikkojen liitto

Organization of the year: Tapahtumateollisuus

Organizational leader of the year: Jenna Lahtinen / LiveFIN

Production service provider of the year: Akun Tehdas

Retail service of the year: Yle Areena

Ticketing company of the year: Tiketti

Brand partnership of the year: Vallila x Tavastia: Backstage

Manager of the year: Heta Hyttinen / Ginger Vine Management

Management company of the year: Till Dawn They Count Ltd Oy

Event producer of the year: Sandy Kantola / Qstock

Agent of the year: Annika Oksanen / Live Nation Finland

Promoter or artistic director of the year: Pietu Sepponen / Kesärauha, Lost In Music

Agency of the year: Fullsteam Agency

Venue of the year: club: G Livelab Tampere

Venue of the year: concert hall: Tampere-talo

Venue of the year: arena: Allas Sea Pool

Classical Music Festival of the year: Meidän Festivaali

Festival of the year: Kesärauha

Concert or tour of the year: An Evening with Nightwish in a Virtual World / Fullsteam Agency, Till Dawn They Count Ltd, Zoan

A&R Person of the year: Minna Koivisto / Universal Music Finland, Johanna Kustannus

Music publisher of the year: Kaiku Songs

Record label of the year: indie: PME Records

Record label of the year: major: Universal Music Finland

Walk of Fame Stars 2021: Mikko Alatalo, Yö, Värttinä, Kaija Koo, Esa-Pekka Salonen

Special award: Mitta on täysi! -campaing

Tampere Music Award: Ben Mandelson

Lifetime achievement award:  Hannu Saha

Tampere Music Award

The Tampere Music Award is a special recognition award, presented in collaboration with the City of Tampere to honor a person, a business, an organization or an idea that has greatly influenced the music industry.

“The City of Tampere invests heavily in developing the creative industries and the Creative Tampere Program, launched in 2006, remains the largest regional creative development initiative in Finland. We are proud to host the region’s most important annual music event in Tampere.”

former Mayor of the City of Tampere, Mrs. Anna-Kaisa Ikonen.

Each year the trophy is uniquely designed by a local artist and given to the winner in the Industry Awards Gala. Starting from 2019, Tampere Music Award winners’ names will be immortalized on the Walk of Fame Finland.

Winners of Tampere Music Award for Exceptional Achievement in Music Business:

Photo: Miikka Varila

2021: Ben Mandelson

2019: Daniel Lieberberg

2018: Anna Hildur

2017: Pelle Lidell

2016: Onta Shiroh

2015: Holger Tiefenbach

2014: Helen Sildna

2013: Jonas Sjöström

2012: Jan Sneum

2011: Artemyi Troitsky

2010: Rein Lang

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