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Our second event announcement for Music x Media 2024 speakers and program aims to build bridges between the music, entertainment, and event industries. This year’s event will discuss, among other topics, how to generate new growth and business through cross-industry content collaborations, how hit songs are written, and how the partnership between music agents and artists has evolved.

Music x Media business conference will have a main theme for all individual days: Wednesday is for collaboration, Thursday for business, and Friday for future.

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Music x Media will take place in Tampere, Finland, from October 2nd to 4th, 2024.


Assembly – Growth and New Audiences Through Collaborative Content Industry

Lassi Nummi, CEO / Assembly

Assembly Organizing reflects over 30 years of computer festival history – from a rebellious dream to becoming one of the largest computer festivals in Europe. In addition to gaming, Assembly has diversified into a digital art, cosplay, and game music event, with content enriched to include expert talks and discussions on gaming phenomena and trends.

Lassi Nummi, CEO of Assembly Organizing, will join Music x Media to discuss the opportunities that collaboration between the gaming, AV and music industries brings to events and the new growth opportunities it opens up. Can multidisciplinary collaboration in events be taken further in the future to reach new audiences and create year-round content?


Partnership between music agents and artists

Tampere University of Applied Sciences  – Agent Training
Harri Karvinen

For quite a long time in the Finnish music business, the most significant partners for artists were booking agencies and record labels. There were hardly any managers, and music publishers mostly operated behind the scenes of record labels.

Finnish rock bands were able to manage their operations themselves, and when artists made their own songs for themselves and especially for the domestic market, publishing contracts also did not provide any particularly significant added value for songwriters.

Times have changed, and so have the structures in the music industry. The panel “On the partnership between music agents and artists” will discuss specifically how working with artists from the perspective of a music agent has evolved over the years and attempt to outline how this relationship might develop in the future.

The moderator of the discussion is Harri Karvinen, who worked in the music agent industry from 1982 to 2013 and now trains new music agents at Tampere University of Applied Sciences in a project co-financed by the European Union’s Social Fund.


Writing a Hit Song

The Writing a Hit Song concept, which is one of Music x Media’s most popular program contents, continues this year as well. We are returning to the roots of the concept, and hit songs will once again be written for artists.

This time, artists are actively involved in the writing process, and the goal is to produce high-quality songs tailored to the needs of specific artists within a day. We will provide more information about the music creators and artists participating in the sessions during the spring and summer. The Hit Song Creation is carried out in collaboration with the Finnish Music Publishers Association.


This year’s edition will be around three main themes: collaboration, business and future

Wednesday, 2nd October: Music x Collaboration

New business opportunities for music and creative industries via increased collaboration.

Focus on cooperation between Music, Gaming, AV, and Brands.

Thursday, 3rd October: Music x Business

The needle-moving topics from music and live music business.

Friday, 4th October: Music x Future

Sustainable music business: values, leadership, social, economic, environmental, inclusion.

Technology and future business models for music and creative business.

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