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The new collaboration provides a stronger foundation for developing the creative business and offers diverse networking opportunities

The Finnish creative business media Creative Finland merges into the operations of Music x Media. The management and development of Creative Finland’s activities have been merged with the background organization of Music x Media, Suomen Musiikki & Media-Tapahtumat S.M.M. Oy, as of May 1, 2024. By combining the operations of Creative Finland and Music x Media, a stronger organization promoting and developing the creative economy in Finland is created. The new collaboration enables the development of creative business events and new networking activities both domestically and internationally.

Creative Finland, the communication channel, network, and knowledge base of the Finnish creative business, produces and provides information to both private and public actors. Creative Finland also brings together developers, entrepreneurs, and professionals in the creative industries. After the merge, Creative Finland’s activities will continue independently and as a non-profit organization.

Music x Media is Finland’s leading music industry conference, held annually in Tampere in October. The event focuses on developing cooperation in the creative business, particularly in the music, entertainment, and event industries. Music x Media also facilitated the Growth Deal -process of licensable creative content industries in 2023 and the publication of growth agreement targets.

Creative Finland’s SHINE! partnership events for entrepreneurs and professionals in the creative industries will continue throughout 2024 in various locations. The next SHINE! event will be held on May 6, 2024, at Helsinki City Hall. Next fall, SHINE! will also expand to other cities, including Tampere, where the event will be held as a parallel event to Music x Media in October 2024. Creative Finland will also organize free growth and internationalization coaching and advisory sessions for creative industry entrepreneurs throughout the year.

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