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The Music x Media program schedule has been released, and the program has been enriched with new content and keynote speakers!

Music continues to grow globally. As the business landscape evolves, the music industry is going through a fascinating transition: music creation, distribution, and business models are finding new paths. Where do we see the long-term growth opportunities for music, and how can we ensure that future possibilities are well utilized as technology increases content availability even further? Join us for a unique keynote interview on this topic with Lauri Rechardt, Chief Legal Officer of IFPI, London.

Music and moving images have been closely intertwined as forms of art, and they will be widely discussed at this year’s event. From a business perspective, synchronization is increasingly seen as an important source of revenue, and content production is already a part of the social media world. Anna Hildur, a music export veteran and award-winning filmmaker, will share case examples of innovative collaboration projects and insights into how professionals in the music and film industries can foster even closer collaboration in a changing environment.

As artists collaborate globally more than ever before, music is being created internationally in unprecedented ways. Music is consumed and produced more than ever, and money is moving ”out there somewhere,” but how can we ensure that our share finds its way home? In Hans Peter Roth’s keynote interview, we will explore the differences in revenue collection between the US and Europe. Who collects what? What creators and artists can do to ensure they receive their share?


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