Music x Media

AI Want to hold your hand

AI has become an invaluable companion, opening new frontiers of innovation and artistic expression. From algorithmic composition and personalized music recommendations to real-time performance enhancements and immersive virtual experiences, AI has revolutionized the way we create, consume, and connect with music. In her keynote, Hazel Savage (VP Music Intelligence, SoundCloud) will talk about how AI […]

GenAI – The balancing act between Enabling and Enforcement

When it comes to (generative) AI it seems like there are two camps at the moment: one that is excited about rapidly exploring the potential of GenAI and one that is concerned that this comes at the cost of human musicians. For this panel we want to highlight this bipartisanship and not in a scenario […]

The potential of AI in Media, from a content point of view

The session begins with a keynote of the potential of AI in Media, from a content point of view by Satu Keto and Tove Mylläri, who have experimented with both contemporary AI and generative AI. Their keynote present cases that have been implemented and they discuss the potential of generative Ai for artistic content. For example, can AI be […]

Fit for Future – How AI is Transforming monetization in the music industry?

Already today, artificial intelligence is capable of both creating new music and modifying the way music is consumed. How does this affect monetization and earning in the music industry? What opportunities does it offer both traditional and new players? And how do creators, organizations and regulation keep up with development? AI consultant Valerio Velardo and […]

How AI judged musical performances in the Jean Sibelius violin competition?

The artificial intelligence judge made his own decisions when Yleisradio tested how AI evaluates violin playing in the Jean Sibelius violin competition. The algorithm was taught tonal purity, sound quality, cooperation and rhythm processing. What is the result when a human taught an artificial intelligence to judge music playing? What did we learn and how […]